Queering Cultural Norms about Sexual Relationships: A Sex Therapist's Perspective

Martha Kauppi, MS MFT

2013 Wisconsin Women's Studies and LGBTQ Conference

Pyle Center, Madison, WI

Friday, October 18th, Session 2F: 10:20-11:45 am

How do cultural norms set us up for sexual relationships that don’t work? How does the ideal of “great sex for everyone” let us down? Why isn’t it enough just to learn new sexual techniques and tricks? How can we keep long-term relationships hot, and strengthen our sexual identities whether or not we are in sexual relationships with others? How can we experience more intimacy, connection, and sexual pleasure — and why is it so hard to achieve those things when we want them so much?

In this workshop, expect a frank and down-to-earth discussion of sex, sexuality, and sexual pleasure. We will explore how gender-normative, hetero-normative, and mono-normative ideals harm us all, regardless of our own gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship structure, or belief system. Expect to gain tools, insight, and inspiration for developing and maintaining outrageously individual, flexible, fulfilling, and hot sexual relationships with self and others. Learn how to create a solid foundation for intimacy and sexual pleasure, using a deep knowledge of yourself as your best tool. Bring your burning questions about sex, and expect honest, accurate answers.

Open to conference registrants

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